Why the VPN is Connected But the Internet is Not Working

The use of VPN services is very common among Internet users. They allow us to access pages or platforms that may be geographically restricted, we can encrypt the connection when browsing public networks and hide the IP address. We have a wide variety available, both free and paid. However, sometimes problems may arise that prevent us from navigating correctly. In this article we are going to talk about what we can do if we are connected to a VPN but there is no Internet .

The Internet is not working even though the VPN is connected

This is a relatively common problem. It basically means that we are connected to a VPN with apparent normality, but we do not have access to the Internet . The program is connected, it works fine, but we try to open the browser and put any page and we see that there is no access to the network.

Logically this is a frustrating problem for users. The idea of using a VPN is to be able to surf the net with greater privacy and security, despite the fact that there may be a logical speed limitation when using this type of service. However, the fact of not even being able to access the Internet, not being able to use programs or any service may lead us to consider uninstalling the VPN.

There are several causes that can cause the Internet to not work even if the VPN is connected correctly. This means that we can also make use of different tips and actions that can help us navigate the Internet well despite being connected to this type of service.

How to fix VPN connected but no internet problem

As is often the case when such a problem appears, there can be many causes and solutions . It is possible that simply by changing some parameters of our VPN we can access the Internet normally. Let’s see what are the main recommendations that we can take into account.

Check that the VPN is up to date

One of the first steps we must take is to verify that we are using a correctly updated VPN . If we have an outdated program, it can be synonymous with having a wide variety of problems, such as not having Internet or having a very slow speed.

Therefore, if we see that the VPN is connected but there is no Internet, we must check that we are using the latest version of the program that we have installed. This can also help us avoid security problems that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks.

Change server

Normally VPN services usually have several servers to which we can connect. Perhaps the problem is that we are connected to one that does not work well, that has no connection for some reason. So we can see if we have others available and connect to them.

The major VPNs have thousands of servers available. It may happen that at a certain moment there is one that does not work, is saturated or has a problem. We can also change the country to which we are connected, as this could help avoid problems.

Choose another protocol

The VPN can use different protocols to connect to the Internet. We can find OpenVPN TCP, L2TP, PPTP … To change the protocol we have to enter the options. Perhaps we are using one that does not work well and it may be better for us to choose another. This could be one of the solutions to consider.

Reset DNS

One of the steps that could also solve this problem is to reset the DNS. We can do it in Windows in a simple and fast way. To do this we have to go to Start, write Command Prompt and open it with administrator permissions. Later we have to execute the command ipconfig / flushdns .

A message will appear indicating that the DNS resolution cache has been successfully emptied. This can solve many such problems that affect your Internet connection.

See if the antivirus or firewall is interfering

Having security programs is a very important factor for everything to work properly. In this way, we can prevent the entry of malware, reduce the impact that attacks carried out by hackers may have and, ultimately, avoid problems that affect performance.

However, there are many occasions when an antivirus or a firewall could be interfering and causing major problems. This could even result in the inability to connect to the Internet even though the VPN apparently works well. So we must take a look and see if any security software, whatever it is, may be interfering.

Are we correctly connected to the network?

Could it be that we are not properly connected to the network ? It could happen that the VPN works well, that it is connected properly, but that the problem is present in the network to which we are trying to connect. This could especially happen if we try to access a Wi-Fi and it has some coverage or stability problem.

Therefore, another point to take into account is to check that we are correctly connected to the network. Thus we will rule out this problem and in case it is due to poor coverage, for example, we could try to use a Wi-Fi repeater or any device that helps improve the signal.

Ping to verify connection

An alternative option to verify that the Internet connection is adequate and that we are connected correctly is to ping. We can, for example, ping Google . It is a simple process and we can easily see if we have an adequate connection that works well, to see if it is a failure of the Internet or our VPN.

To do this we have to go to Start once again, open the Command Prompt and this time we execute the ping command. We will see if the connection works properly.

Opt for a paid VPN

Many times we have talked about the danger of using free VPNs. They can be used to collect user data, compromise privacy and, in addition, we will have a worse service. That is why we have always recommended using a reliable , paid VPN that is secure and also has good performance.

In case we are connected to a free VPN and we do not have access to the Internet, we can try to use one that is paid. In this way we will have more security to be able to browse the network normally.

In short, these are some tips that we can take into account if we are connected to a VPN but we do not have Internet. We can carry out these recommendations to make the connection work as well as possible. Sometimes problems arise, as we have seen, but we have many possible solutions at our disposal.

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