Windows 10 Clipboard History: How Can It Be Erased

The clipboard is something that we use very often in Windows 10 and that in the vast majority of the time it goes completely unnoticed, since it is something so automatic that we do not even realize that we have used it. Well, today we are going to see everything related to the history of this part of Microsoft‘s operating system.

As we mentioned lines above, the clipboard is one of those parts of Windows that we use the most that are most forgotten and that many people cannot explain exactly what it is.

What is the clipboard?

The Windows clipboard is a tool that allows us to copy and paste information between applications or within a single application, but in different positions. All the information is saved in it, as soon as we copy a text or an image by pressing the Copy button on our mouse or the key combination Ctrl + C.

It goes so unnoticed because we have nothing to tell us that it is working, that is, although we still remember what was copied, we really cannot know for sure.

The only way to make sure that we have the information we need copied to the clipboard is to go to a program and click on Paste with our mouse ( Ctrl + V ) to know that there was something on the clipboard.

We must be clear that the clipboard is only capable of remembering the last thing we have copied, so it is somewhat limited in terms of memory.

What is clipboard history?

The clipboard history is a very interesting part of it, even more unknown than this one and that actually uses very little, despite the fact that it has been present in Windows 10 since 2018.

The history is a part that contradicts something that we have mentioned in the definition of the clipboard itself, since it is the place where different copied data is kept accessible, which can continue to be present even when we restart the computer, in addition to being able to synchronize between devices.

That is, thanks to the clipboard history we can have information that we have copied before the last time to use when we want. This is something that once you discover it you use it often because it is a very interesting tool.

How to activate clipboard history

Clipboard history is disabled in Windows 10 and we need to get it up and running in order to work with it. The process is very simple and does not have any kind of difficulty.

  • We have to press the Windows + V keys.
  • Then we see a message in which we must click on Activate so that we can use it.

  • In this way we will already have the clipboard history activated and ready to use it.

History operation

Now that we have it activated, every time we copy something with the mouse or the combination of keys Control + C, it will be added to this history.

If we want to see that we have saved in said history, we only have to press Windows + V and a window will appear in the lower right part of the screen.

If we do not have anything copied it will come out as empty, but if we have copied several things we will see how we can choose between a few possibilities. This means that, if we choose the one that is in third place, we can paste it wherever we want.

How to delete history

If we need to erase any data from the history of the Windows 10 clipboard, we can do it very easily. We must bear in mind that anyone who enters the computer will be able to see what we have copied, so it may be that some of that information should be erased.

  • We must enter the clipboard history with the Windows + V keys, as we told you lines above.
  • Now we will see everything copied in its window, so we must locate that copy that we do not want to be kept.
  • If we have already located it, we will see that this data is stored in the box we have, just in the upper right part of it, three horizontal points.
  • We have to click on them and we will see several options, but we will have to choose Delete . With this we will get that part that was copied to stop being copied.

  • If what we want is to empty all the content of the clipboard history, we only have to perform the same steps as in the previous case, only this time we click on Delete all . with this you will get all the history to be erased.

Set a clipboard history information

At any given moment, we may need that one of the data that is in the clipboard history is never lost , that is, we consider it essential, at least for a while. Well, what we can do is set it so that it is never deleted, even if we delete the rest of the history. The way to achieve this is very simple.

  • We return to the clipboard history by pressing Windows + V.
  • Then we locate that information that is essential for us.
  • When we know where it is, we will click on the three horizontal buttons that appear on the right side of the box where it is copied and we will see how the word Anchor appears in the drop-down. Click on it and from that moment that copied part will always be in the History.

  • If by chance there comes a time when we do not need it and we want to delete it, it is as easy as clicking on the three horizontal points again and clicking Unpin .

Synchronize clipboard

We can synchronize the clipboard between several devices, something that can be of great help. To do this, we must perform these steps:

  • Click with the right mouse button on the Windows symbol that is in the lower left, click on Settings .
  • We look for Clipboard and click on Synchronization of the clipboard in the cloud.
  • Now we must click on Synchronize between devices . If it is the first time you do it, they will send you an SMS to your mobile to verify that it is you.

  • Once this is done we must activate this synchronization.
  • Now we must give you two options from which you must choose the first:
    • Automatically sync the text I copy.
    • Never automatically sync the text I copy.

At this time we will have the history synchronized with all those applications that we had previously associated with our Windows 10.

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