Windows 11 receives PowerToys app in Microsoft’s new store

Microsoft’s PowerToys is a fun place for hardcore Windows users to play around. The company made the app available for the Windows 11 Store, which is a major change as it was previously only available through GitHub or a package manager.

This is what the new Windows 11 store looks like

PowerToys is really useful, and it comes with nine utilities that power users love. To the example, there is PowerRename, PowerToys Run, FancyZones and even a helpful image adjustment. FancyZones is so popular that Microsoft added some aspects of it to Windows 11. The operating system will not have full functionality, but the most important window management functions are there.

All Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10, explained

Although PowerToys is available from the Windows Store, it still uses its own installer. This is thanks to the fact that Microsoft allows unpackaged Win32 apps into the store, which is a major departure from the Windows 10 store.

This is definitely a sign that the Windows 11 store is a whole lot more useful. The desktop apps Windows users know and love find their way into the Store, making apps like PowerTools and other Microsoft apps available. You can actually use the store when Windows 11 launches on October 5th, but we’ll have to wait.

If you haven’t tried PowerTools yet, it’s definitely worth a look. Microsoft completely updated it to work with Windows 11 and it still performs some really cool functions that make using Windows a more enjoyable experience.

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