Winepak is a Flatpak repository for Windows (wine) games and applications

Winpark Is a Flatpak repository for bundled Microsoft Windows applications wine. Its purpose is to “make installation and operation [Windows / Wine] By including the runtime required to run software/games under Linux (Wine, etc.), “applications can work normally.”

Some of you already know that Wine is a compatibility layer that allows Microsoft Windows applications and games to run on Unix systems. Using Wine to run only Windows software/games does not always run on Linux-sometimes you need to install other libraries, use a Wine version that is different from the version installed on the system, and so on.
This is a problem that Winepak aims to solve, including everything needed to run Windows applications or games in Linux (libraries, Wine versions that have been tested with specific applications or games, etc.) so that users only need to install Flatpak to run Windows applications And it works fine.
The Winepak Information Library is new, and only a few games and applications are available now. Current repositories include:

  • Overwatch (Team Target FPS)
  • Wow (World of Warcraft-massively multiplayer online role-playing game)
  • League of legends
  • The Road to Exile (Online Action RPG)
  • World of Tanks (massive multiplayer online game)
  • Cemu (Nintendo Wii-U Simulator)
  • Notepad++

Wine barrel Application GitHub Also includes Fortnite (Cooperative Survival Game), Polygonal Planet Project (Unity3D tool for creating your favorite planet as wallpaper) and Internet Explorer 8, but it seems that these features are not yet available in the Winepak Flatpak repository, so you will not be able to install them now . These packages may require some work and may be available soon.
Wine barrel website The list of software available for installation is not included, but the online store is plan Therefore, users do not need to use additional applications such as Gnome software or use the Flatpak command-line tool to view all available Winepak projects.
You might say, for example, by using the Wine prefix, Winepak can be achieved. You are right, but Winepak has some advantages, such as making it easy for users who do not know how to create Wine prefixes. And it has nothing to do with Linux distributions, which means it can run on any Linux distribution (Flatpak support) without any changes to the software package.
Of course, there are only a few Wine applications available on Winepak, but it has great potential. Yes, it will take some time to adjust everything to ensure that certain Windows games work properly, but once Flatpak is completed, it can be run on any Linux distribution, whether it is now or within 2 years, without any modification.
I would also like to add that for games or software whose license does not allow redistribution, Winepak does not include software/game files. The repository package runs online installation programs, which can legally download files. For example, after installing Overwatch, the menu item will prompt you to install Blizzard’s application, and then you need to use to install Overwatch.

Add Winepak Flatpak repository and install software

The first step is to set up Flatpak on the Linux distribution. For quick setting instructions on the following,
Next, you need to change Flathub And Winepak repository. Use the following command to add them:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists winepak

Now, as long as the Software Flatpak plugin is installed, you should be able to use your software application to install the available software in the Winepak repository. On my Ubuntu 18.04 system, certain Winepak software packages do not appear in the “Software” application, but I am not sure why.
You can also install apps and games from Winepak from the terminal using the following methods:

flatpak install winepak tld.domain.Application

You need to change tld.domain.Application to the application to be installed.
To view all available packages and their names from Winepak, use the following command:

flatpak remote-ls winepak

The Winepak installation will install a custom desktop and appdata file, so you should find the software you want to install in the “Applications/Software” menu on the desktop.
Seen Wug.