WinFF-Open Source Video Converter for Linux

WinFF A graphical front end to the command line video converter. FFmpeg. WinFF can convert multiple files in multiple formats at once. For example, you can convert mpeg, flv, mov formats to avi format at once. WinFF is available for Debian, Ubuntu, Red-hat based GNU / Linux distributions, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Install WinFF on Ubuntu

Winff is available in the official repositories for Debian, Ubuntu and its derivatives.

To install WinFF on Ubuntu, run the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install winff

How to use WinFF

Open the WinFF interface from the dash or menu.

Click the “Add” button to add some videos. Select the output format in the Convert to drop-down box, select the desired preset in the Preset drop-down box, and finally click Convert to start the conversion.

WinFF-Open Source Video Converter for Linux

Very easy! You can also check the preview before conversion.