With Android, you can now use your face to control your phone

There is no shortage of accessibility features on Android that will allow more people to use the operating system. Now, Google is adding more new features that allow you to control your Android device with your face.

The new accessibility features from Android

Google offers two different accessibility aids for Android called Camera Switches and Project Activate.

In one blog entry said Google that the new features were “created with feedback from people using alternative communication technologies.” The company continued, “Both of these tools use your phone’s front camera and machine learning technology to detect your face and eye movements.”

Camera Switch is a new part of Android’s switch access feature that turns your camera into a switch that recognizes facial gestures and uses them to navigate a smartphone. There are six different gestures – looking right, looking left, looking up, smiling, raising your eyebrows, or opening your mouth – that you can use to perform different actions on your phone.

The other new feature is called Project Activate and it is a new Android application. You can use facial gestures to quickly activate custom actions. Some examples Google cited are saying a preset sentence, sending a text message, or making a phone call. When developing the app, Google said it worked with “countless people with motor and language impairments and their carers”.

Availability of new functions

Camera switches will be added to the Android Accessibility Suite this week and will be fully available by the end of the month.

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Project Activate is now available for download Load game so you can grab it and see how it can improve your ability to use your phone.

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