Wonderwall – Wallaper Manager with a huge collection of wallpapers

Want to get wallpapers for Ubuntu desktop? This is an easy tool to browse, download and apply wallpapers from a huge collection of wallpapers.

Wonderwall is a simple graphical utility that allows you to browse the world’s largest collection of online 4k and Ultra HD wallpapers.

You can search for wallpapers by simply typing on the keyboard in color, tag, category, resolution, popularity, view, or filter.

Simply click on the photo to see a menu with image details and a download button.

For downloaded wallpapers, you can crop / scale the selected wallpaper to fit your screen resolution. And of course, you have the option to set it as wallpaper.

In the settings window, you can change the desktop backend, open download folders, change content scaling, and search settings.

How to install Wonderwall on Ubuntu:

Wonderwall seems to be closed source software because the source code is not found and the developer’s website refers to the tech review website.

Also, the binary package is only available as a Snap package. You can get the software from the link below.

Wonder wall on snapcraft.io

Use Ubuntu software or run the command in a terminal.

                      sudo snap install wonderwall

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