WPS Office 11 (2019) for Linux has been released

WPS Office for Linux Version 11 (or 2019) was released a few days ago with new features and improvements, including support for high-resolution screens, skin support and interface updates.
WPS Office (formerly known as Kingsoft Office) is an office suite for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS that includes three components: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet. The kit is compatible with Microsoft Office formats PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX, and can be read and written.
Windows, Android and iOS versions can be downloaded at wps.com operated by Chinese software company Kingsoft, while the Linux version has a separate website (wps community), And there seem to be different developers: “The WPS community team is a group dedicated to developing the Linux version of WPS Office.”

WPS Office (2019) for Linux includes support for high-resolution screens and customizable appearance. From the application settings, you can currently choose from 2 skins (2019 Dark and 2019 White), or customize the look of WPS Office by specifying your own custom background color, image and font size. In addition, with the increase of skins, the WPS Office default icons have been changed in this version.

Skin settings can be found on the new start screen of WPS Office:
WPS Office 2019 Linux

WPS Office 2019 Linux

The new WPS Office startup screen displays a list of recently used files and fixed locations, with a built-in file browser for quick access to documents. I think it also has WPS Cloud document search function, but it doesn’t seem to work because it is tailored for Chinese users.
This release also adds support for multi-window tab management. In previous versions, all documents opened from a WPS Office window would open in a new tab in the same window, and the document could not be moved to a new window (except opening a new WPS Office instance and then in that new window). With the latest WPS Office, you can now drag tabs from existing windows to create new windows, and move tabs between WPS Office windows.
This only works for tabs (WPS presentations, spreadsheets or presentations) of the same application. WPS Office Blog Mentioned the ability to use tabs in Presentation, Writer, and Spreadsheets with WPS Office 2019 for Windows, but this didn’t work for me, so I don’t think this feature was introduced in the Linux version. The integrated PDF tool mentioned in the Windows version of the WPS Office 2019 blog post is also not available in the Linux version.
More enhancements in WPS Office

  • Live font preview: Select some text in the document, then expand the font selector from the WPS Office toolbar, then hover over a different font to preview the font in the document
  • New option to replace all fonts that appear in the document with another font (from menu to Format-> Replace Font)
  • Added support for inserting SVG images
  • Added support for inserting QR codes
  • Support for custom quick access toolbar width (toolbar to the right of the Menu button)
  • Optimized ribbon layout with smaller application windows
  • WPS Demo: SmartArt now supports 97 graphics that can be inserted and edited in WPS Office (previously only 15 were available)
  • WPS demo: new missing font reminder feature to check and replace missing fonts in slideshows
  • WPS Writer: A new reading view (accessible from the WPS Writer status bar) showing the book content book style with columns. Except for highlighting text, this mode does not allow editing and contains TOC navigation.
  • WPS Writer: Added new “Navigation Pane” (under “Views”) that lets you browse documents by table of contents, pages, or bookmarks
  • WPS spreadsheet: Added smart fill support (auto-complete based on other cell content)
  • WPS Spreadsheet: Supports multi-table data merge

The complete change log is located at wps-community.org.

Download WPS Office 11 (2019)

To download WPS Office, go to it Download page. Only DEB and RPM packages can be downloaded.
The download speed of wps-community.org was very slow for me, so I searched a mirror and found This one (Click on the blue button at the top and then click on WPS Office DEB or RPM package download). Flathub also offers WPS Office, so it can be installed on a large number of Linux distributions. To install WPS Office from Flathub, you need to install Flatpak and add the Flathub repository. You can find instructions on how to do this on Flathub Quick Setup page. After setting Flatpak and Flathub, go to WPS Office Flathub page Then click the install button. If you are a Gnome user, you can also search on Gnome Software / Ubuntu Software and install from there.
In my case, WPS Office 11 (2019) installed from the DEB package failed to start on Ubuntu 18.10 (I have no problem on Ubuntu 18.04). The Flatpak package has been updated to the latest WPS Office 11 (2019) version, but there is a small problem: the application crashes when clicking the Skin Center option, I guess it is because it is trying to access some online servers and this Flatpak package has no corresponding permission.
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