Xiaomi’s AirPower Clone Can Wirelessly Charge Three Devices Simultaneously, Offers 60W Total Output

At an event in China today, Xiaomi announced a new wireless charging pad capable of charging three devices at once. More importantly, the wireless charger can charge the three devices simultaneously at speeds of 20W each, with a total output of 60W.

The new charging pad from Xiaomi packs 19 charging coils, which allows it to charge devices irrespective of where they are kept on the pad. This is unlike other regular wireless chargers, which require that devices are placed at a specific spot on the pad. It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi has managed to workaround heating and interference issues with the 19 coils in its wireless charger.

Xiaomi’s charging pad is similar to Apple’s canceled AirPower. When Apple first unveiled the AirPower in late 2017, the company had claimed it would allow one to charge their iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously. However, after a long delay, Apple ultimately canceled the AirPower reportedly due to overheating issues.

Xiaomi announced wireless charging pad with 19 coils, can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Available for ~$91 pic.twitter.com/MgNCEJcmG1

— Ben Geskin ???‍? (@BenGeskin) March 29, 2021

Since the AirPower was first announced, several wireless charging pads from third-party accessory makers have launched to simultaneously charge two or three devices at once. However, Xiaomi’s wireless charger one-ups them all with its total charging output of 60W and its ability to charge each device wirelessly at a speed of 20W. That’s 5W more than the wireless charging speeds support by the iPhone 12 lineup with MagSafe chargers.

Xiaomi’s wireless charging pad will retail in China for roughly $90. It is unlikely that Xiaomi will sell its wireless charging pad outside of China.

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