Yaru colors: Ubuntu’s default theme (11 colors) (Gtk, icons and Gnome Shell)

Yalu Color It is an 11-color branch of the Yaru theme (the default Ubuntu Gtk, icon and Gnome Shell theme). Each Gtk theme has regular and dark versions, which is very suitable for people / folders who like Yaru but want to use other emphasized symbols colour. Only Gnome desktop is supported.
These are the Yaru Blue and Yaru Purple Dark themes used in Ubuntu 18.10:

The colors supported by this theme pack are aqua, blue, brown, dark blue, green, gray, pink, purple, red, and yellow, and there are also Yaru MATE variants, which use Ubuntu MATE green. Although not mentioned on the Yaru Colors page, these themes seem to be based on the icon themes in the latest versions of Yaru Gtk and Ubuntu 19.04. These themes are available in Ubuntu 18.04 and later, as well as other Linux distributions using the Gnome desktop, including Fedora 29 and others.
Yaru Colors creator describes the changes made to the original Yaru theme:

  • Replaced all orange and purple in Gtk3 and Gnome Shell theme CSS files
  • Changed all orange and purple images in Gtk2 and Gnome Shell themes
  • Recolor all folder icons (for Location and Status)
  • Ubuntu Dock run indicator (the dot next to the running application) can be recolored by the script that comes with the theme

For ease of installation, Yaru Colors comes with install and uninstall scripts. As mentioned above, this not only installs Gtk and icon themes, but also recolors the Ubuntu Dock run indicator. When something needs to be overwritten (only on Ubuntu 18.10 and later), the script creates a backup, which is restored when using the uninstall script.
The install / uninstall script is optional and you can manually install the theme as needed.
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As you can see from the screenshot, the “desktop” icon remains the same and looks a bit inappropriate. I’m not sure if this was intentional or what Yaru Colors creators forgot to change.
This is the Nautilus file manager theme (Gtk and icon theme), using all available Yaru Colors themes (regular / light version only):

Download Yaru Colors Theme Pack

Currently, you can only download the complete theme pack with all Yaru Color Gtk and icon themes, so the archive is very large. The creator of Yaru Colors says that each color can be downloaded separately in the future.
See yaru color Readme Information on how to install themes. You can install using the script that comes with the theme (there is also an uninstall script), or you can manually install by following the instructions in the readme.
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