You’ll Want to Use iPhone Shortcuts Automations in iOS 15.4

Now that the iOS 15.4 beta is available, people are starting to discover the hidden gems tucked in the operating system. One such change comes to the Shortcuts app’s automations, which will now work much more quickly.

Currently, when you run a Shortcuts automation, iOS will notify you every time and confirm that you want to run it. There are creative ways to disable the notification, but it still doesn’t feel as automatic as you might like.

However, in iOS 15.4, developer Florian Bürger discovered that you could turn off the notification and confirm that you want to run a Shortcuts automation, making them automatically work. Gone is the extra step of confirming each time. So if you want your phone to do something each time it connects to a new Wi-Fi network, for example, it’ll just happen.

You’ll need to choose whether to enable this for each automation, but you’ll only need to set it up one time. Additionally, this is only for Shortcuts automation and not all shortcuts. Your shortcuts, such as sending a text or anything else that you do manually, will work as it always has.

Apple hasn’t announced the final release date for iOS 15.4, but between this change and the introduction of Universal Control, we’re plenty excited for this new version of Apple’s OS.

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