YouTube doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad? How to fix the problem

Things can stall when the most popular video streaming platform, YouTubedoes not work for you. This could be due to network problems on your part, insufficient free space on your iPhone or errors in the official YouTube app or a YouTube Failure in your area.

For whatever reason, though YouTube not working on your iPhone or iPad, here are 21 possible solutions to fix this problem. if YouTube works again, you can play your favorite music, tech or cat videos.

1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet

Internet connection is the first thing you need to check, though YouTube does not work on your device. To do this, open Safari and visit a website. If it loads, that’s excellent. If not, check out this guide to help you troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone.

Second, if you’re using cellular data or metered Wi-Fi, make sure you have enough data for the day or month.

2. Make sure you have cellular data for YouTube is on

Open iPhone settings and tap Cellular. From here scroll down and make sure the switch is next to YouTube is green.

3. Activate and deactivate airplane mode

When you put your iPhone in airplane mode, all wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and cellular are severed. This will fix and ensure network problems YouTube works again.

You can turn airplane mode on and off from the iOS control center by tapping the airplane icon. Alternatively, you can open it settings and switch on Airplane mode. After 15 seconds, tap the same switch to turn it off.

4. Turn off your VPN

In rare situations YouTube may not work properly or some region-specific videos may not play when connected to a VPN. To fix this, open the VPN app on your iPhone and turn it off.

Similarly, if you’re using iOS 15’s new Private Relay, you should disable it and see if YouTube loads now or not.

note: If YouTube Is prohibited in your region and you use VPN to bypass this restriction, do not disable VPN. Follow the remaining solutions below.

5. Change the YouTube Video quality

In many cases, the internet speed drops because of this YouTube shows the loading screen or does not work at all.

To fix this, tap the Three point symbol > quality > Progressive and choose a lower video quality. 144p offers the lowest quality. A good option for a bad connection is 360p.

Further down YouTube Video quality

If you have a limited data limit or live in an area with poor speeds all the time, you can set a lower quality for everyone YouTube Videos.

  1. Tap your Profile picture within the YouTube App and select settings.
  2. Tap Video quality settings.
  3. When you’re done, tap In cellular networks or In the WLAN and choose Data saver.

Change YouTube Video quality settings for Data Saver

6. Repeat the YouTube Video

Sometimes it happens that the video just gets stuck on the loading or buffering screen and doesn’t play at all. To fix this, simple close the video and play it again.

7. Force the YouTube App and open it again

On an iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press and hold. On other iPhone models, quickly press the front Home button. Now pull the YouTube Card to force close it. Open after 15 seconds YouTube again and it should work.

8. Restart your iPhone and WiFi router

When YouTube or other apps do not work properly or crash. An easy way to fix such issues is to restart your iPhone. To do this, turn off your iPhone and turn it on again after a minute.

Similarly, you can fix the network problems by turning off your Wi-Fi router with its main wall switch and then turning it back on after a few seconds.

9. Use a different browser

Do you use YouTube in another browser like Aloha, Brave, Firefox, Etc.? If so, consider switching to Safari or Chrome.

Once in a while, YouTube doesn’t work right for me Firefox on my mac. But if I switch to Chrome, it works fine. You can try this trick on your iPhone or iPad.

10. Clear Safari or other browsing data

if YouTube does not work in your iPhone browser, you should clear the browsing data. To do this for Safari, open settings > safari > Clear history and website data and confirm.

Third party apps like Chrome have this option in their app settings.

11. Use YouTube in the official app instead of other apps like WhatsApp

When you receive YouTube Links in apps like WhatsApp, it tries to play the video in this app and not in the YouTube App or browser. In some cases, this may not work or it may take a long time to play videos.

To fix this, tap the link again to open it in YouTube App. You can also copy the link and open it in a browser.

game YouTube in official app instead of third party app like WhatsApp

12. Update the YouTube App

if YouTube does not work on your iPhone due to an error, an update of the app should fix the problem.

  1. Long press the App Store icon on the iPhone home screen or the app library and select Update.
  2. Drag the update screen down to update it.
  3. Tap TO UPDATE Next YouTube when available.

To update YouTube App from the iOS App Store

13. Uninstall YouTube and reinstall

If updating the app didn’t fix the problem, try deleting it YouTube app and reinstall. note: This will also remove all of them YouTube Videos that you saved offline.

14. Check if YouTube has failed worldwide or in your region

Sometimes the mistake may not be yours, but rather YouTube’S. And just like you, several other people may be struggling with similar problems YouTube not working on their smartphones and computers.

To verify, do a web search for “is YouTube down in [your region name]. ”In the search results, click one of the options such as or From here you can know if other people are facing it or not. If so, wait awhile for it YouTube addresses this problem.

You can also contact them at Twitter @TeamYouTube or check her recent tweets for an update.

15. Try it YouTube’s incognito mode

If YouTube not working normally, try incognito mode. This is almost similar to turning incognito mode on Chrome.

  1. Within the YouTube App, tap your Profile picture.
  2. Tap Activate incognito.
  3. Now look for a video and it should start playing.
  4. Tap the Incognito symbol from the top right to turn it off.

note: In YouTube You cannot see your subscriptions in incognito mode.

Activate incognito in YouTube

16. Sign out YouTube Account and sign in again

In rare cases, logging out and logging in can help resolve the problem. Also, if you’ve changed your Google Account password and can’t see your subscriptions, re-authenticating can be helpful.

To do this, tap on the Profile picture > your name > Use YouTube logged off. Next, restart your iPhone. Then open the YouTube app, tap the profile icon in the top right corner and sign in.

Use Youtube signed out on iPhone

17. Free space on your iPhone to prevent YouTube App before the crash

If you only have a few MB of free space on your iPhone, YouTube and other apps can crash or quit randomly. To solve this, remove junk files on your iPhone to make room.

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18. Change location inside YouTube

If some videos don’t play, you can try changing your location to see if it brings you luck or not. Within the YouTube App, tap your Profile picture > settings > Generally > Locations and choose another country.

Change location to YouTube App

19. Unlock YouTube in the screen time settings

Did you know it’s easy to block? YouTube on iPhone and iPad?

If so, your legal guardian (or the person who set this restriction) can unblock it YouTube by going to settings > Screen time > Content and privacy restrictions. Turn from here Content and privacy restrictions.

20. Update your iPhone

If you’re using a very old version of iOS, you should update your iPhone by going to. walk settings > Generally > Software update. This ensures that third-party apps like YouTube work properly on the device.

21. Reset iPhone network settings

Finally, if none of the above solutions help and when YouTube has not failed in your region, you can reset all network settings to resolve this issue.

Open iPhone settings > Generally > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset to default > Reset network settings.

When that’s done, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or cellular data, and YouTube should work fine.

Here’s how you can fix that YouTube does not work with iPhone problem. Hope this guide helped you solve the problem, and now you can watch videos and YouTube Shorts like before.

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