Zellij Rust terminal multiplexer 0.12.0 released, separable/persistent session

Zeli , A new terminal workspace and multiplexer (like tmux with screen ) Written in Rust, has reached version 0.12.0, and has obtained a much-needed function: separable/persistent sessions.

Compared with other terminal multiplexers, Zellij has a user-friendly user interface with available keyboard shortcuts displayed at the bottom, new vertical and horizontal splits are automatically placed according to the available space, and there is no restriction on pane resizing.

In addition, Zellij also includes a layout system and plug-ins written in any language, which can be compiled into WebAssembly.

For more information, check out the initial article on Zellij on Linux Uprising.

The most important feature missing in Zellij-until now-is the ability to separate active sessions and restore them later. This feature has been added to the latest Zeillij 0.12.0 released yesterday.

To detach as a conversation, press Ctrl + o , then press d . Then you will be able to list the active Zellij session names using the following command:

                        zellij ls #or list-sessions

To attach to an existing conversation, use:

                        zellij a <session_name> #or attach <session_name>

If the session is already attached to the client, you will not be able to attach it, in this case Zellij exists with the message.You can force the connection to the session, use --force ( -f ),E.g:

                        zellij a <session_name> -f

This will disconnect the session from the existing client and connect to the new client.

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Zellij 0.12.0 also includes support for wide characters (unicode characters occupying multiple cursor cells), better terminal compatibility by processing most OSC sequences, as well as resource usage and performance improvements.

In addition, since I wrote an article about Zellij for the first time a month ago, there are many versions of the command line tool, and a new option to use simplified layout simplified-ui to true In the configuration file, or run zellij options --simplified-ui ), support themes through xrdb, and the initial tmux and screen compatibility Binding.

Download Zellij

To install Zellij binaries on Linux, just unzip the downloaded archive, cd Go to the folder where you unzipped it, and install the binary file to /usr/local/bin use:

                        sudo install zellij /usr/local/bin

To configure Zellij (key bindings, layout, plugins), please check its file .

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