Zoom acquires real-time translation company Kites

Recently zoom, one of the safest video conferencing software Company, announced the acquisition of Kites (Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions), developer of real-time translation and transcription software. As a reminder, Zoom emerged as the winner among the fastest growing video calling apps during the first wave of COVID.

Zoom said this acquisition would help make communication easier, especially for people who communicate in different languages. The company also plans to add translation capabilities to its video calling application. However, both Zoom and Kites did not share any terms of the takeover. However, it’s beneficial to Zoom as it can attract a number of top researchers who can help Zoom expand its machine learning translation footprint.

Kites was originally founded in 2015 with Dr. Sebastian Stüker and Dr. Alex Waibel founded. Its technology was originally developed to help students who needed help understanding the lecturer’s language in the classroom of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Currently, Zoom offers real-time transcription but is limited to people who communicate in English. The company also announced the inauguration of a new research center in Germany that can accommodate Kite’s research team.

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