Zotero: An open source application that helps you collect and share research

Introduction: Zotero is an impressive free open source application that allows you to collect, organize, cite and share research results. You can also use Zotero to instantly create references and bibliography for your documents.

Generally, you can use any note-taking application on Linux to collect and share your thoughts.However, here, I want to share some specially customized things to help you collect, organize and share your research, namely Zotro .

Zotero: Collect, organize and share research

Zotero is a completely open source project, you can GitHub . It is designed to help you easily collect, organize, add notes and share your research.

Moreover, all of these are not cloud-based services, but completely offline. Therefore, your research notes belong to you.Of course, unless you want to synchronize it for collaboration purposes, you may have to refer to document .

To get you off to a good start, you can choose WebDAV storage Or just create a Zotero account to easily sync and share your research.

For example, I created a Zotero account with a username ankush9 , You can find my research collection (added to the publication) https://www.zotero.org/ankush9

Zotero online publication

This makes it easy to share the research of the organization, and you can choose which content to share.

Let me highlight the main features of Zotero to help you decide if you need to try.

Features of Zotero

Zotero extension

  • The ability to add information directly from the Internet with a single click using browser extensions
  • Add notes to each message
  • Support adding tags
  • Support adding recording
  • Add video as attachment
  • Add software as an attachment
  • Store email as attachment
  • Store podcasts as attachments
  • Add blog post
  • Add file link
  • Create bibliography from project
  • Offline snapshot storage (you can access saved web pages without Internet connection)
  • Ability to copy items
  • Organize the items in the library
  • Provide a trash can to delete your items and easily restore them when needed
  • Sync support
  • Ability to export data
  • LibreOffice add-on can be used for integration
  • Easily share your research using your Zotero profile link
  • Cross-platform support

If you just want to create a quick bibliography, you can try other tools, Soterobi .

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Install Zotero on Linux

Zotero preferences

It can be used for Windows, macOS and Linux. For Linux, if you are using an Ubuntu -based distribution (or Ubuntu itself), you will get a deb file (maintained by a third party) to download and install it.

It is easy to install the deb file, and it works normally on Pop OS 20.04.If you use any other Linux distribution, you can Extract the compressed package And install it.

You can follow Official installation instructions Carry out the appropriate method.


Concluding thoughts

You can get a lot of functions to organize, share, cite and collect search resources. With support for audio, video, text and links, it should be suitable for almost any content.

Of course, I would recommend advanced users to take full advantage of it. Moreover, if you have used the tree view (mind map view) note-taking tool before, then you will know what to look for.

What do you think of Zotero? If it’s not for you, what would you suggest? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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